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TETO Games Features

TETO Games is designed for the best esports player and team experience. Minimum effort and maximum efficiency are targeted. Manuel operations are reduced with automations.

Flexible Tournament Formats

TETO Games supports unlimited participants for all types of tournament formats. Unlimited tours and groups can be created, and each tour and group can be adjusted according to needs.

Rankings Types

Teto Games has the ability to rank and show match results according to the characteristics of esports tournaments. Pubg ranking, Round Robin, Double Elimintaion Bracket, Single Elimination Bracket supported.


If the game provides an API, match results will be retrieved automatically from the game server. If the game does not provide an API, the match results will be captured from screenshot using OCR technology.

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Gamer Experience

Each player can create a team as a team captain, invite the friends to the team, manage the roster, exit the team and transfer the captain to his teammate.

Team Experience

You can register for tournaments as a team, select the roster for each tournament, access team details, players and statistics from past tournaments.

Tournament Registration

All information of each match is provided automatically for all players. Match information is shown to all players in a popup. No other communication platform is required to organize the participants.


You can create a HUB so that players in your community become members. The HUB may be public or consist only of people approved by the HUB administrator.
When you create a HUB, you can create SCRIMs that HUB members can join.
You can specify SCRIM Admins from among HUB members and share your permissions.
You can also use all these features for free.


To define your own tournaments, simply open a free account through TETO Games and request an organizer role.
Thousands of players already registered in the system can participate in your tournament.
You can also use all these features for free.


Tournament Support You can create tournaments, create rounds and groups for your needs, reach match results and rankings using TETO Games. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us
Organization Support We are ready to support you about organizing tournaments for the most popular games, communication with players and teams, observing, visual designing, streaming and casting. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us

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